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Social Responsibility
Thursday, 02/12/2010, 12:00

STADA-VN is one of the successful pharmaceutical companies, because our oriented - values are based on “Social responsibility” and because we focus on the “Human Being”


Economic Responsibility
“Sustainable Development based on the belief in Creativity, Performance and Responsibility”

At STADA-VN, we focus on quality improvement to achieve economic success. In doing this, we believe in the Creativity, Performance and Responsibility of each member of STADA-VN’s Family.

We all attempt to put “The human being at the center” of our activities. Working with STADA-VN, each employee should feel part of a community and find meaning and pleasure in his/ her job.


Legal Responsibility
“Being a good corporate citizen”

At STADA-VN, we adhere to all legal principles to fulfill our social responsibility. We are committed to complying with the law and to becoming a legitimate member of society.   


Moral Responsibility
“Doing the best for our patients”

Safety, quality and reasonable prices are always our top priorities. To implement these commitments, we are ambitious about providing top-quality drugs to as many patients as possible.

We, STADA-VN, commit to customer fairness, trust and acceptance. During our operations in Vietnam, STADA-VN has always supported physicians and pharmacists to retain the loyalty of  patients. This is what distinguishes us from others.     


Philanthropic Responsibility
“Commit to contribution to social sponsoring”

With the motto “Towards Community Healthcare”, social responsibility is a major issue we take seriously. Hence, we often address community healthcare issues and sponsor socio-medical events and programs.

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FACTORY 2: 40 Tu Do Avenue, VietNam-Singapore Industrial Park, Binh Duong
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Email : stada@stada.com.vn
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