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Research and Development
Tuesday, 10/10/2006, 06:00

Standard and Working Principles

Committed to the objective of developing products for regulated markets, STADA-VN establishes its research and development in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and implements its activities in accordance with ICHQ8 guidelines.


Investment for a Better Future

Every year, STADA-VN financially invests significantly in research and product development, primarily in the areas of modernization of equipment and technology, and training researchers. Production development involves testing bioequivalence and evaluating suppliers of raw materials. To keep up with the latest technology, STADA-VN actively searches for and exchanges technology with various partners as part of the CRO to improve and research pharmaceutical development. In order to fulfill the mission and commitment to supply quality products to patients, STADA-VN constantly invests in research and training of the staff with technological and professional knowledge by experienced experts from Germany and India.


People – the Decisive Factor

STADA-VN is proud of its team of young, qualified, dedicated and creative scientists. Pharmacists, chemists and other staff working in R&D are willing to devote to research activities and cooperate with other divisions in establishment of a strong and stable business.


Technology and Innovation – the Key to Success

State-of-the-art facilities and equipment similar to those of production areas facilitate research and development activities as well as technology transfer processes. In addition, our laboratories are well equipped with high performance analysis instruments such as our liquid chromatography with auto sampler, differential scanning calorimetry, particle size analyzer, etc. These high performance instruments are utilized for research, analysis and quality control.

Many approaches to novel knowledge, inventions and technologies are available for staff’s mastering and application in their work to create high-quality products.



STADA-VN has successfully launched 200 of 300 developed products of various therapy groups to the market.


Since 2006 STADA-VN has already completed bioequivalent studies of 11 products. In the future, STADA-VN is aiming at carrying out bioequivalent studies of other products to assure that effective and safe medicines are being offered to its valued customers.

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