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After great efforts to build facilities and quality management systems, STADA-Vietnam has been certified, meeting the standards of GMP-WHO, EU-GMP and cGMP. In addition, STADA-Vietnam has set up an R&D unit in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.    



WHO-GMP  Certificate - Factory I

WHO-GMP Certificate - Factory II

EU-GMP Certificate

cGMP Certifiacte - Taiwan (PIC/S)

Certificate of ISO 9001:2008

WHOPIR (WHO Geneve) Certificate - Factory II

Japan GMP Certificate - Factory II   



Product List for "Bioequivalence" Evaluations  Domestic and Foreign

47: Number of markets where products manufactured by STADA-VN are available. 
124: Products of STADA-VN that have been exported to overseas markets.

1 Amlodipin STADA® 5 mg Amlodipin (besilate) 5 mg Việt Nam 2009
2 Bisoprolol STADA® 10 mg Bisoprolol (fumarate) 10 mg Việt Nam 2010
3 Cetirizine STADA® 10 mg Cetirizine.2HCl 10 mg Việt Nam 2007
4 Clarithromycin STADA® 500 mg Clarithromycin 500 mg Việt Nam 2006
5 Efavirenz STADA® Efavirenz 600 mg India FDA Project
6 Fexostad ® Fexofenadin.HCl 180 mg Germany 2003
7 Fluconazol STADA® 150 mg Fluconazol 150 mg Việt Nam 2009
8 Indinavir STADA® 400 mg Indinavir sulfate 400 mg Việt Nam 2006
9 Lamivudin STADA® 150 mg Lamivudine 150 mg India WHO Project
10 Lipistad 20 Atorvastatin (calcium) 20 mg Việt Nam 2009
11 Loratadin STADA® 10 mg Loratadin 10 mg Việt Nam 2008
12 Losartan STADA® Losartan potassium 100 mg Germany 2006
13 Metformin STADA® 850 mg Metformin 850 mg Việt Nam 2008
14 Nevirapine STADA® Nevirapine 200 mg India FDA Project
15 Nifedipin T20 STADA® retard Nifedipin 20 mg Germany 1991
16 Stadovas 10 Amlodipin (besilate) 10 mg Việt Nam 2009
17 Stavudine STADA® Stavudine 40 mg India FDA Project
18 Tenofovir STADA® 300 mg Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300 mg India FDA Project
19 Trimetazidin STADA® 35 MR Trimetazidin.2HCl 35 mg Việt Nam 2010
20 Venlafaxin STADA® 75mg Venlafaxin.HCL 75 mg Germany 2003



Head office K63/1 Nguyen Thi Soc St., Xuan Thoi Đong Ward, Hoc Mon District, HCM City
Investment capital 20,000,000 USD
Telephone 08. 3718 1154 – 08. 3718 2141
Fax 08. 3718 2140.
E-mail stada@stada.com.vn
Branch 40 Tu Do Avenue, Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP), Thuan An, Binh Duong Province
Tel 0650. 3767 470
Fax 0650. 3767 469


STADA Arzneimittel (Germany): was established in 1895. And now STADA AG is included in the list of MDAX with forty branches in twenty-seven different countries. All pharmaceutical products of STADA always observe the principles of WHO-GMP and Total Quality Management.


M.S.T Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd: was established on January 25, 2000. It was the first private company to have been granted the Certificates of ASEAN Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for all 3 production workshops: Oral Solid, Oral Liquid and Topical Drug by the Drug Administration of Vietnam



EU-GMP compliance certified by the German drug authority in periodic inspection
2009 cGMP accreditation from Bureau of Food and Drug Analysis in Taiwan
Successful bioequivalent study of Amlodipin Stada 5 mg, STADOVAS 10mg, Losartad 25/50, Lipistad 20, Captopril 25 mg
2008 Opening Ceremony of the second factory
First product, Paracetamol 500mg, exported to Germany
WHO-GMP accreditation for the first factory from the Vietnam Ministry of Health
ISO 9001:2008 certification for R&D facilities
2007 WHO-GMP accreditation for the second factory from the Vietnam Ministry of Health
EU-GMP accreditation for the second factory from the German drug authority
2006 Successful bioequivalent study of Clarithromycin Stada 500mg and Indinavir Stada 400mg
2005 Upgrading the facilities in Ho Chi Minh City including Warehouse, Quality Control, R&D
Construction of the second factory in VSIP, Binh Duong
2003 Successful bioequivalent study of Lamzidivir
2002 First ARV products launched
STADA and MST’s joint venture project was approved by the Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment, to establish STADA-VN Joint Venture Co. Ltd.
2001 ASEAN-GMP accreditation for the production facilities
2000 Construction of MST factory in Ho Chi Minh City complying with ASEAN-GMP
1999 Establishment of MST Co., Ltd.


The Objective: Towards community healthcare

Considering the human factor as the most important and decisive factor for the success of the enterprise, STADA-VN Joint Venture Co., Ltd. strategically trains the staff to be capable of meeting the requirements of the tasks, to have good professional competence and ethics, as well as to have a sense of responsibility towards the society and the community, to manage and maintain the operations of the plant.

Periodically the key people from the QC Department, R&D Department, QA Department and Production Unit attend the training classes held by the Drug Administration of Vietnam and Quality Control Institute.

In addition, the language training scheme for all staff is considered one of the key tasks of the company, in order to meet the development and integration requirements in future.

Furthermore, all staff of the company have been trained by foreign experts and consultants.


STADA-VN is one of the successful pharmaceutical companies, because our oriented - values are based on “Social responsibility” and because we focus on the “Human Being”


Economic Responsibility
“Sustainable Development based on the belief in Creativity, Performance and Responsibility”

At STADA-VN, we focus on quality improvement to achieve economic success. In doing this, we believe in the Creativity, Performance and Responsibility of each member of STADA-VN’s Family.

We all attempt to put “The human being at the center” of our activities. Working with STADA-VN, each employee should feel part of a community and find meaning and pleasure in his/ her job.


Legal Responsibility
“Being a good corporate citizen”

At STADA-VN, we adhere to all legal principles to fulfill our social responsibility. We are committed to complying with the law and to becoming a legitimate member of society.   


Moral Responsibility
“Doing the best for our patients”

Safety, quality and reasonable prices are always our top priorities. To implement these commitments, we are ambitious about providing top-quality drugs to as many patients as possible.

We, STADA-VN, commit to customer fairness, trust and acceptance. During our operations in Vietnam, STADA-VN has always supported physicians and pharmacists to retain the loyalty of  patients. This is what distinguishes us from others.     


Philanthropic Responsibility
“Commit to contribution to social sponsoring”

With the motto “Towards Community Healthcare”, social responsibility is a major issue we take seriously. Hence, we often address community healthcare issues and sponsor socio-medical events and programs.

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FACTORY 1: K63/1 Nguyen Thi Soc St., Xuan Thoi Dong, Hoc Mon, HCMC
Tel: +84 28 3718 2141 - Fax: +84 28 3718 2140

FACTORY 2: 40 Tu Do Avenue, VietNam-Singapore Industrial Park, Binh Duong
Tel: +84 274 376 7470 - Fax: +84 274 376 7469
Email : stada@stada.com.vn
Website: www.stada.com.vn

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