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Open Letter to Customers
Friday, 30/12/2011, 04:59







Re: The true nature of issues related to the  prosecution case  on the production of the finished drugs

with  addictive ingredients, recently posted on mass media

Dear Valued Customers,

Recently, STADA-VN JOINT VENTURE CO., LTD. received the Decision No. 10/C47(P6) dated 14 December 2011 of Ministry of Police, regarding prosecution of the criminal case “Violation of Addictive Drug Management and Use Regulation, occurred at the company”.

After this event, some newspapers posted news with such contents as “Violation of Addictive Drug or Narcotic Management and Use Regulation”, “Police already sealed off 47 boxes of documents” and they also repeatedly connected the case with our current denunciation about the negative deeds of Mr. TRUONG QUOC CUONG – Director General of Drug Administration of Vietnam, Ministry of Health.

To provide our valued customers with better understanding about the nature of the matter, believe in our business ethics and law compliance, we would like to supply the details as follows:

Before the devastating stagnation in the state management of pharmaceuticals, on 04/07/2011, I myself, along with 06 other Directors General of pharmaceutical companies in the South had many petitions on the negative deeds of Mr. Truong Quoc Cuong, General Director of the Vietnam Drug Administration. Among the contents, the most important one is about granting import licenses for more than 7,000 kg of Pseudoephedrine precursor for Pharma BV Company within 07 months with many shadowy details.

The petition was sent to all the leaders in the health sector and other relevant agencies. Up to now, there have been so many teams coming to verify the contents of the petitions and we have supplied a lot of evidence on Mr. Cuong's wrongdoings and violations of laws, but so far have not received any response from any agencies as well as the Ministry of Health.

Following the petitions, Ministry of Health has sent inspection teams to inspect the import and export, manufacturing, trading, distribution and use of addictive substance, psychotropic substances at our company. Among the team, there is one representative of C47 (Narcotics Investigation Police) from the Ministry of Police. The team concluded Stada VN is operating in compliance with laws on import and production at all stages. As for exports, the team recorded STADA-VN had exported medicines with the following quantities: 500 boxes of Partamol F/100 tabs (containing Paracetamol 500mg, Pseudoephedrine 30 mg and Chlorpheniramine 2mg), 240 boxes of Partamol Codeine/100 tabs (containing Paracetamol 500mg + codeine 30mg) and 210 syrup bottles Partamol for foreign legal entities without obtaining export licenses by the Ministry of Health. However, the exports are done through economic contracts and with proper Customs procedures.

On 02/11/2011, the Health Inspectors requested STADA Board of Directors to a meeting in Hanoi and proposed to impose administrative penalties of 20 million VND. The company had petitioned the Health Ministry to reconsider the sanction because this is first-time violation due to failure in the updating state management documents.

On 27/10/2011, Government Inspectors from Anti-Corruption department continued to inspect STADA-VN on the pretext of inspection on state management of pharmaceutical affairs of the Ministry Health (?!) and some contents related to the company's petition letters. However, the core contents of the Anti-Corruption Division aimed at conducting inspection on precursors with the same agenda with what the Health Ministry had done before even though there was only one inspector from the Ministry of Health who is a proffesional in Medicine. This team had made the same conclusion as the team from Ministry of Health on the export of drugs without obtaining permit from the Ministry of Health without any proposal of sanction.

On 22/11/2011, an additional verification team of 05 police officers from C47 - Ministry of police again came to verify the export of these pharmaceuticals and determined the value of exports of these commodities over 03 years (from 2009 -2011) at about VND 30 million. (USD 1,550)

On 23/12/2011, the Investigation team from Ministry of police with 04 members came to verify and delivered the decision of prosecutions on “violating the regulations on the management of addictive drugs”.

I would like to confirm to all valued customers:

1 / The exported drugs are not addictive drugs, they are only the finished products containing addictive substance and precursor, which are managed and used in the form of non-prescription on the local market (OTC product) because the content of addictive and precursor are under controlled limit.

2 /The exporting of these finished products were done officially through Customs. The only offense is just omission of reporting to the Drug administration as Export Department considered these products as OTC ones. Hence, no application for further approval.

3 /Because the pharmaceuticals are not addictive ones and are exported through the customs, the criminal prosecution is unwarranted. The Company will actively work with law enforcement agencies to clarify the nature of the case soon.

At this particular moment, I am looking for the understanding and sympathy of all our valued customers. As professionals of the pharmaceutical sector, we are sure our valued customers will easily understand the underlying meanings of the mentioned sequences and the true nature of the case.

Your trust in our company’s integrity and ethics will be a very important motivation in our argument for the benefit of the local pharmaceutical sector in line with our slogan “towards community healthcare”.

We also trust that we have the consensus in the most important fact of life “in the end truth, righteousness and reason will prevail”.

Again, thanks in advance for the invaluable sharing and support extended to us during these days of hardship and distress.



General Director

Ong Van Dung Pharm.


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